Tree Pruning Adelaide

Pruning branches overhanging roof

Tree Pruning Adelaide

If you’re after a quality tree pruning service in Adelaide then give Jack Of All Trees a call on 0411 788 088.

Jack Of All Trees provides one of Adelaide’s best tree pruning and tree trimming services. With many years experience and a great understanding of the requirements of trees in all areas of Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

Factors To Consider When Pruning A Tree

Here’s 7 factors to consider when pruning a tree;

  1. Careful inspection
  2. The time of the year
  3. The tools you use
  4. Balancing aesthetics and safety
  5. The amount of pruning required
  6. Removing weak and dead branches
  7. What to do with pruning wounds

Tree Pruning Or Trimming Cost

The cost of tree trimming or tree pruning depends on;

  • the size of the tree
  • ease of access to the tree
  • the tree species
  • how wide the tree canopy is
  • how long the job will take
  • external factors like weather conditions
  • other costs like green waste removal

If you’re looking for an affordable tree pruning or tree trimming service in Adelaide then get in touch with Jack of All trees on 0411 778 088.

When To Prune A Tree?

Here’s some examples of when you might need a tree pruned;

  • Tree damaged by disease or termites
  • When a tree is a risk to property
  • Storm damage
  • Under power lines
  • The tree is leaning

Tree Pruning Services

Trees require ongoing care and maintenance to achieve a healthy lifespan. We are highly experienced at being able to analyse and assess trees and what branches need to be trimmed or lopped. From thinning a trees canopy to removing dead or dying branches, our friendly team can help you with any tree pruning or tree trimming requirements you have.

For Adelaide tree pruning services call Jack Of All Trees on 0411 778 088 to discuss your requirements.

Pruning multiple limbs from large tree

The Types Of Tree Pruning Service

Our tree pruning service is far more complex than simply cutting off a few branches every few years. There’s a range of techniques and services that we employ.


Dead Limb Removal

Removing dead limbs from a tree is one of the most popular tree pruning services we provide. Therefore most trees this should be performed every year or two.

Crown Lifting

Lifting the crown of a tree involves pruning the low hanging branches that are putting stress on the higher branches of the tree. In general, this is ideal for trees that are hanging over roads, fences or even your house. Therefore, crown lifting is a technique best performed on younger trees.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a time consuming tree pruning process that trims and thins out the entire crown of the tree. This process is best performed when the tree is young.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing smaller weaklings from the upper canopy of the tree allowing more light and air filter down to the shaded branches below. Because of this, the end result is a more balanced branch structure. It can also lighten the load on the trunk and larger limbs.


Pollarding a tree is the process of removing most of the branches and foliage of the tree. Accordingly, this is usually done on mature trees that have grown too big.

other services we provide include

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