Tree Removal Adelaide

While trees are an essential part of our ecosystem and environment aesthetic, they can have the potential to cause catastrophic damage if they are no longer in peak condition. At Jack of All Trees, we recommend that you contact an arborist Adelaide at the first sign of your tree appearing unhealthy, as the longer you put off treatment or removal, the more danger you are putting your family and property in. You may also need to call upon a professional arborist in the event that: a tree is damaged by extreme weather; a tree is growing too close to your house, shed or utility lines; or when a tree is leaning in a dangerous direction. There are also some unobvious signs of decay and disease that can only be diagnosed by a trained professional. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, call the experienced team at Jack of All Trees today for tree removal Adelaide. We offer a free consult and quote on all jobs and guarantee to leave the site clean and tidy once the tree has been removed.

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Stump Removal Adelaide

When an arborist removes a tree from your property, you will be left with an unsightly stump, which, depending on its location, can cause a range of issues for you and your property. The first matter is yard aesthetic and maintenance, with a big stump causing an eyesore that you simply cannot ignore, which also acts as an obstacle for mowers and other tools. Additionally, they can be hazardous for children, and take up precious yard space where you could place a swing-set, sandpit or entertainment setting. Finally, stumps can cause new unattractive tree growth, and entice wood-boring pests that could spread to your home. If you have had a tree removed and you are finally sick of seeing the leftover stump in your backyard, Jack of All Trees can take care of it through the utilisation of stump grinders to reduce the possibility of regrowth. We will take care of removal from both the ground and the site, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it whatsoever. Call us today to arrange your free onsite consult!

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Storm Damage

South Australia’s most brutal weather conditions have the ability to uproot even the healthiest of trees. In the event that a tree on your property is damaged by storm, Jack of All Trees can visit your home or business and offer our advice regarding whether or not your tree can be saved. We will work to diagnose the severity of the damage, and identify if the tree is able to be repaired through sawing ripped branches, removing branches around storm damaged sections, bracing poorly attached limbs, or restraightening or replanting smaller trees and shrubs. If a tree on your property has been completely uprooted and is beyond repair, we will safely remove the tree from the premises and clean up any leftover debris. It is important to know whether or not your insurance covers you for storm damage as a result of unforeseen ‘impact’ – if you are covered, you should take photographic evidence to prove the extent of damage before we work to remove the fallen tree. For a free onsite consultation and quote, call the Jack of All Trees team today!

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Our Process

If you require a tree or stump removal Adelaide, or you have tree damage as a result of storms, call Jack of All Trees today! We will provide you with an efficient and affordable service like no other in Adelaide. Once you have made contact via phone or over email, we can arrange to visit your home or business for free to assess the capacity of the job, before offering you an all-inclusive quote. Upon acceptance, we will endeavour to schedule work promptly, at a time that is convenient for you. We guarantee to complete the job to the highest industry standard, and remove any trees, stumps or debris from the site to ensure it is left intact.

See our work completed

tree snapped at the trunk tree that was snapped at trunk chopped down
cutting at the base of a tree trunk tree stump in the ground
cutting small branches off a small tree using chainsaw moving large tree branches that have been cut off

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