Palm Tree Removal Adelaide Services

Palm Tree Removal Adelaide

Our goal is to safely remove your palm tree and take control of your landscape. We achieve this by using reliable and updated machinery, communicating well as a team, and approaching each job with integrity. In Australia there are approximately 50 native species of palm trees, the most common species is the Australian Arenga Palm.

During the process we make sure you feel involved by working around your schedule, providing regular updates, and negotiating a competitive price. Our residential and commercial palm tree removal service includes jobs of all scales, and we always come fully-equipped with a plan! As a result, you can rest assured that if you choose Jack of All Trees, you’re met by a team who care.

Don’t put yourself at risk, reach out to a team of experienced and qualified palm tree loppers.

We do not relocate palms!

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Palm tree removal services

Experience Quality Palm Tree Removal In Adelaide

Jack Of All Trees have the potential to change the look, feel and purpose of your outdoor space. Some of the benefits are:

  • Safety: If you’re tree is damaged, dead, or structurally problematic, don’t wait for an incident to occur!
  • Aesthetics: Is your tree blocking a view or looking a little worse for wear? We’ll complete a full removal to return your freedom. Alternatively, if you’re looking to restore the condition of your tree we can provide treatment options.
  • Decluttering: Raking leaves week after week can be tedious work. Removing your tree will highly reduce the amount of yard-maintenance required.
  • No more Stickiness: Are you finding a sticky substance coating your car, shed or belongings from an over-lurking tree? Removing your tree will cut out this problem all-together.

So, if you’re ever confronted with any of these issues, call us for a comprehensive palm tree removal service.

Reasons For Palm Tree Removal

Aside from structural damage, two other common reasons to have your palm tree removed are pest infestation and tree disease. Pest infestation will vary according to the type of pest you have. One of the common insects we deal with is Aphids—which produce large quantities of the sticky substance we know as Honeydew.  Consequently, this can lead to Sooty Mould Fungus which spreads quickly and isn’t pleasant on the eye. There are a variety of diseases that affect palm trees in Australia, including: Fusarium wilt, Lethal Bronzing, Palm Rot and Bacterial Blight. Although we are qualified tree loppers, we are not qualified to formerly diagnose and treat pest infestations or diseases.

If you suspect any pest infestations, illness, damage, or simply just want to clear your landscape, trust Jack of All Trees to do the job. We’ll come and manage your palm tree removal at the soonest possible time; without compromising on professionalism.

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