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cutting down the stump of a large tree using a chainsaw

Stump Removal Adelaide

If you have a tree stump that you want to get rid of, call Jack of all Trees for fast service around the south eastern suburbs of Adelaide.  Stump removal involves the complete removal of the stump and a large portion of the root system, so you can reclaim the area for future planting.

Why Consider Stump Removal?

When left, tree stumps and roots can continue to grow, causing damage to nearby building foundations, pipe systems, roads and paths. They also provide a great home for disease and white ants (Termites) which can affect the surrounding plants and even timber of nearby buildings.  Complete stump removal is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen and making the space available for replanting, paving or lawn.

Stump Grinding Adelaide

If the root system is not an issue, you may prefer Stump Grinding.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a process of breaking down the remaining tree stump into wood chips. Using specialized stump grinding equipment, we grind the stump down to the soil level. Top soil can then be placed over the area and grass re-laid.

The old tree’s roots will still exist underground up to several metres away from the base of the stump. The roots will naturally decay over time, which may take many years.

We offer a full tree removal service. Call us on 0411 778 088 to discuss your needs.

stump grinding machine Adelaide

Tree Stump Removal or Grinding cost

The cost of stump removal or grinding depends on

  • The size of the stump
  • The age of the stump
  • Ease of access to the stump
  • The species
  • How much of the stump remains
  • The root system
  • Please note that we don’t take stump grindings unless requested by the customer. We can provide further advice on this during the quote.

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